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A-1 Bakery Group Hong Kong introduced BakeryScan in more than 100 stores.

BakeryScan being featured in the American Magazine, The New Yokers:

BakeryScan was covered by Japanese AI Technology Web Media,

Japanese IT Media, ITmedia Inc., covered BakeryScan developer, Brain Co., Ltd.:


Recognize breads in a blink of an eye

BakeryScan recognizes any types of breads, pastries and its quantities just within seconds. No barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) required!
This unique image recognition technology eliminates manual item entry and it brings a total innovation to your check-out process.

Detect & Recognize differences

Shapes, baked color, toppings and patterns of hand-made breads & pastries are not stabilized even they are the same products. Or the same shape but it can be a different products.
BakeryScan is able to accurately identify these differences.

Pre-packed? No Worries!

BakeryScan is now ready to support pre-packed products as well.
Keep good hygiene and reduce contact with customers in post Covid-19 era.

Fast Learner, Get smarter

Bakeryscan adopts the analysis & learning technology called AI-scan and it is capable of learning like a human. By repeating transactions & corrections, accuracy of identification rates are increased.
It also allows you to tailor an assortment of your products anytime as you can add a new product just by 2-3 minutes scanning.

Simple & Easy Operation

Place tray and scan. BakeryScan recognizes all products at one time. Cashier only need to confirm the scanned items are correct.

Step 1

Put tray on the counter & Scan products around 1 sec.

Step 2

Cashier confirm scanned products.

Step 3

Settlement & Packing products.

Benefits & Values

Everyone Can Be An Immediate Skilled Cashier

Simple & Easy operation of BakeryScan allows your staffs to handle cashier operation regardless of experiences. It make ease your business concerns related to staff management such as high turnover, hiring cost, staff allocation, etc.

Improve Customer's Experience & Satisfaction

The long queue waiting for check-out is not an ideal purchasing experience for customers. BakeryScan will reduce check-out queue as it can scan multiple products within a second. Moreover, minimize sales opportunity loss by reducing long queue.

More Products, Better Sales Strategies

New product development is key element to bring customers. Staffs are not required to remember products and register it to POS every time. Enhance new product development strategy and sales planning by having more varieties of products with flexible price setting.

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